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Products supported by HP 3D devices 

The Gateway API format offers 3  API products. You can also subscribe to MQTT, if you wish.

Mix and match these 4 products to get the detailed data and control you want.  


3D API Products 


HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers
and additional devices 


Device Automation

Process Development Data


 5200 Series 






 4200 Series 




 500 Series 





 300 Series 






* Requires 5200 Series firmware BD4.1 or later


Gateway APIs for Customers (developers who have HP 3D printers) and Partners (developers building software for customers that have HP 3D printers)

Unlock new markets by enhancing the value of your products to enable end-to-end solutions. Help your customers gain control of their manufacturing fleet. 

The Gateway API simplifies device management. Whether your organization uses HP 3D printing systems, or builds software for those who do, the Gateway API delivers the data you need.

Streamline your workflow, optimize job efficiency, improve process development, and enhance production efficiency with HP’s API for 3D printing. A consolidated dashboard integrates data across industrial management systems1,  streamlining job submission and data access, and enabling enhanced end-to-end solutions. 

Benefits include: 

  • Robust, automated application programming interface into industrial management systems1 
  • Remote job submission and real-time status monitoring 
  • Access to a wide variety of telemetry, functionality, and data modules2
  • All data is available indirectly via the Gateway APIs.  


  • Indirect connection to each supported HP device through a single component, typically HP Command Center.  
  • Provides device discovery, so no need to add individual device addresses, only the Gateway address. 

1Supported industrial management systems: AMFG Workflow, Link3D, Siemens NX AM, and Siemens Opcenter.
2Access to additional data modules available only for the HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution. Additional purchases required.


3D Core Capabilities API 

Free-of-charge access, ranging from device status monitoring to sub-system alert and alarm messages. 


  • Remote job/job-ticket submission 
  • Real-time device query  
  • Real-time job monitoring
  • Real-time subsystem statue
  • Device alerts  

Typical use cases 

  • Factory integration  
  • Integration with industrial management system  
  • Device status monitoring  
  • Job errors analysis  

Spec categories  

  • All categories EXCEPT Device Automation and Process Development Data are included in the Core Capabilities API


3D Process Development Data API (In Beta)

Document job and machine data, plus get insights into Multi Jet Fusion processes through access to in-process parameters Requires a subscription.


  • Sensor data  

  • Low-level device operations 

  • Thermal imagery 

  • Geometric slices  

  • Build report  

 Typical use cases 

  • Quality management  

  • Process development 

  • Regulatory documentation and auditing  

Spec category 

  • Process Development Data

3D Device Automation API  (In Beta)

Manage your fleet of printers automatically and remotely, reducing labor costs and improving productivity.  


  • Remotely starting, stopping, or cancelling jobs  
  • Price includes future capabilities 

Typical use cases 

  • Integration with factory automation  
  • Integration with MES (manufacturing execution system) 

Spec category  

  • Device Automation 


Request access to HP 3D Gateway API

View Gateway API Specifications


3D Real-Time Messaging MQTT (In Beta)

Enables real-time job data and proactive action against process deviation in real time.  

You can subscribe/unsubscribe to each topic, depending on the data you want to receive. Real-time messaging is enabled using an MQTT Broker, which is basically a server that redirects data from the HP device(s) to you.



  • Real-time sensor data 

  • Real-time build reports 

  • Real-time system errors, alarms, alerts, calibration, etc. 

 Typical use cases 

  • Real-time process development and control 

  • Real-time quality control 

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