Multi Jet Fusion API Specifications

The HP 3D API Specifications provide fully descriptive details of all Endpoints and Resources in each version of the HP 3D API. All payload  parameters, return codes, and error codes are explained within the specifications. Each version is additive over the previous version, bringing new and enhanced features, as well as fixes to any issues that have come to light from the previous version.

We currently support three versions of the HP 3D API, each of which is detailed in its own specification. Note that the 4200 series and the 300/500 series products only support the v1.2 API. The 5200 series products support versions 1.2 through 1.5.  The 5200 series products support versions 1.2 through 1.5. See the Product Support matrix on the API Home page (3D Printing APIs), or the API Products page (3D API Products).

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