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HP introduces our latest version of the HP 3D APIs, version 1.5, for our HP-certified partners in commercial software development. 

What our software partners say

Data from the build process is crucial for quality assurance, certification and repeatable quality as distributed manufacturing becomes a reality. With their strategy around 3D APIs, HP has read the needs of the market perfectly. 

Danny Winn, VP Growth & Innovation 
AMFG, Certified HP Partner 

HP is a great company to work with. HP's 3D printer API is very comprehensive, data-rich, and extremely helpful to collect all the needed data.

Anton Vedeshin, Ph.D., CTO of 3D Control Systems, Inc.


What's new in 3D?

Gateway APIs simplify device management

Version 1.2 was the original release of the HP 3D API (Device API), and provided direct-connect control of HP 3D devices. HP 3D API version 1.4 introduced the Gateway API, to simplify HP 3D device management with centralized control of multiple devices. Whether your organization uses HP 3D printing systems, or builds software for those who do, the Gateway API delivers the data you need. Version 1.5 continues the Gateway API, with new functionality, multiple enhancements, and issue fixes.

Real-time messaging from an MQTT broker

An MQTT broker that facilitates getting real-time data and updates from HP 3D devices was added with 3D version 1.4, and continues with version 1.5. Note that this MQTT product is not part of our APIs, but can be subscribed to in the same process as the APIs.

New in API version 1.4

The release of 3D API version 1.4 introduced new features and capabilities over version 1.2:

API v1.4 introduced API Bundles, each focused on providing a particular set of capabilities.

API v1.4 introduced API Bundles, each focused on providing a particular set of capabilities.

3D Core Capabilities API (free)

  • Added support for new kinds of devices
  • Added new profile types in materials and jobs
  • Capability to provide a record of a task execution intervals within job completion details (JobSummary)
  • Added information to supported device operations and their execution history
  • Added capability to allow retrieving the device's public key, which allows sending encrypted content to the device
  • Capability to retrieve public telemetry package for a job or date range

3D Process Development API*

  • Capability to unlock further telemetry data for a job or date range
  • Capability to retrieve slices for a job
  • Capability to retrieve a job's 3MF file

3D Device Automation API*   (In Beta)

  • Remotely start and cancel jobs 
  • Monitor sensors
  • Manage safety doors

*Paid annual subscription required


New in API version 1.5

HP 3D API version 1.5 brings new functionality, enhancements, and fixes. 

  • New Job Ticket Resource Selection functionality. This allows selecting which profile resources to use for a job, by sending a job ticket to POST /jobs that uses the new option-based parameters that are shown in the payload returned by GET /materials/{materialid}.
  • New Job Ticket Rejection Description functionality. This allows a client application to display localized error messages to the end user in cases where the source of the error is an unsupported combination of parameters.
  • Added new element CompletionDate in the payload returned by GET /jobs.
  • Added new elements AlignmentCompleted, InkConsumption, and NumberOfLayers in the payload returned by GET /printheads/{printheadid}.
  • Added new element FwInstallationDate in the payload returned by GET /identification.
  • Added new optional query parameter hashData in GET /deviceoperations/{operationid}.
  • Changed the payload returned by GET /jobs/{jobid}/completiondetails to only include offset and scaling values when encrypted.
  • Changed the job status, part status, and build package status information to encode the elements under hpmjf1:UserReported/hpmjf1:Status/hpmjf1:Reasons, even before the job is completed.
  • Fixed documentation in the API v1.5 specification to clarify that input in POST /jobs/{jobid}/{uploaduri} is expected to be application/octet-stream and not multipart/form-data. However, multipart/form-data will still be supported for backwards compatibility, although there's no actual reason for using it.
  • Fixed handling of input in POST /jobs/{jobid}/{uploaduri} to properly parse multipart/form-data, keeping just the first part.
  • Fixed /deviceoperations and /deviceoperations/{operationid} resources to be available in all product SKUs.
  • Fixed GET /deviceoperations/{operationid} to avoid showing any user identifier unless the 3d-op-traceability feature has been enabled.
  • Fixed GET /deviceoperations/{operationid} to hash user identifiers by default. Added an optional hashData boolean query parameter for clients to choose whether user identifiers should be hashed.
  • Fixed elements hpmjf1:UserRequests/hpmjf1:Request/hpmjf1:Name in the payload returned by GET /jobs/{jobid}/completiondetails that were lacking the JobRequest prefix.
  • Fixed parsing of the fromdate and todate query parameters in POST /telemetry and POST /jobs/{jobid}/telemetry to accept only correct values.
  • Fixed documentation for the API v1.5 specification to clarify that the URI returned by POST /telemetry, POST /jobs/{jobid}/telemetry, and POST /jobs/{jobid}/slices is only valid for a single download of the file.
  • Fixed hashing of sensible data under  hpmjf1:UserRequests and hpmjf1:TaskLog  elements in the payload returned by GET /jobs/{jobid}/completiondetails.
  • Fixed the documentation for the 409 response code in the GET /doors endpoint.
  • Fixed an issue where the payload returned by GET /alerts was not providing updated information after an alert's hidden attribute changed.
  • Fixed an issue where some links provided in the payload returned by GET /jobs/{jobid}/buildpackages/{buildpackageid}/assemblies, 
    GET /jobs/{jobid}/buildpackages/{buildpackageid}/assemblies/{assemblyid}/parts, and GET /jobs/{jobid}/parts did not contain rel attributes.


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API products supported by HP 3D devices 

Gateway API offers 3 API product modules. You can also subscribe to MQTT, if you wish.

Mix and match these 4 product modules to get the detailed data and control you want.  
Integration service is monetized for all tier API integration. 


3D API Products 


HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers
and additional devices 


Device Automation

Process Development Data


 5200 Series 






 4200 Series 




 500 Series 





 300 Series 





* Requires 5200 Series firmware BD4.1 or later



Email us at 3Dsoftware@hp.com.