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Welcome, developers!

HP is pleased to offer our latest version of the HP 3D APIs, which include options for both our Jet Fusion device users and our HP certified partners in commercial software.

Which API format is right for you?

  • If your organization has HP 3D printers...
    Our Device APIs will help you streamline your workflow, optimize job efficiency, and analyze production efficiency by enabling data access enhancing end-to-end solutions.
  • If you are building software for customers who have HP 3D printers...
    Our Gateway APIs will unlock new opportunities and enhance the value of your software for our mutual customers.

What our software partners say

Data from the build process is crucial for quality assurance, certification and repeatable quality as distributed manufacturing becomes a reality. With their strategy around 3D APIs, HP has read the needs of the market perfectly. 

Danny Winn, VP Growth & Innovation 
AMFG, Certified HP Partner 



What's new in 3D?

Gateway APIs simplify device management

A new Gateway API is now available to simplify device management. Whether your organization uses HP 3D printing systems, or builds software for those who do, the Gateway API delivers the data you need. Learn more about the differences between the new Gateway API format and our original Device API format below.


Real-time messaging from an MQTT broker

Now that an MQTT broker is being added, you or your customers can get real-time updates from 3D devices. Note that this MQTT product is not part of our APIs, but can be subscribed to in the same process. 


New in API version 1.4

Since version 1.2, here's what's new — available in both Gateway and Device API formats:

3D Device Automation API* 

  • Remotely start and cancel jobs 
  • Monitor sensors
  • Manage safety doors

3D Process Development API*

  • Capability to unlock further telemetry data for a job or date range
  • Capability to retrieve slices for a job
  • Capability to retrieve a job's 3MF file

3D Core Capabilities API (free)

  • Added support for new kinds of devices
  • Added new profile types in materials and jobs
  • Capability to provide a record of a task execution intervals within job completion details (JobSummary)
  • Added information to supported device operations and their execution history
  • Added capability to allow retrieving the device's public key, which allows sending encrypted content to the device
  • Capability to retrieve public telemetry package for a job or date range

*Paid annual subscription needed

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Products supported by HP 3D devices 

Both Device and Gateway API formats offer the 3 API products. You can also subscribe to MQTT, if you wish.

Mix and match these 4 products to get the detailed data and control you want.  
Integration service is monetized for all tier API integration. 


3D API Products 


HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers
and additional devices 


Device Automation

Process Development Data


 5200 Series 





 4200 Series 




 500 Series 





 300 Series 






* Requires 5200 Series firmware BD4.1


Device APIs and Gateway APIs for Customers (developers who have HP 3D printers)


Streamline your workflow, optimize job efficiency, improve process development, and enhance production efficiency with HP’s API for 3D printing. A consolidated dashboard integrates data across industrial management systems1,  streamlining job submission and data access, and enabling enhanced end-to-end solutions. 

Benefits include: 

  • Robust, automated application programming interface into industrial management systems
  • Remote job submission and real-time status monitoring 
  • Access to a wide variety of telemetry, functionality, and data modules2

2 Choices for Format: Device API, Gateway API  

All data that is available directly (via the Device APIs) is also available indirectly (via the Gateway APIs).  

Advantages: Gateway APIs 

  • Indirect connection to each supported HP device through a single component, typically HP Command Center.  
  • Simplifies management of Device API versioning because it exposes the latest version and includes a predictable way to manage older Device APIs that don’t support calls in newer versions. 
  • Provides device discovery, so no need to add individual device addresses, only the Gateway address. 

Advantages: Device APIs 

  • Direct connection to each supported HP device.
  • Once each device’s address is added to your calling application, that application can call the Device API endpoints. 
  • Note: Device APIs are not available to software partners; they can only use the Gateway APIs.

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1 Supported industrial management systems: AMFG Workflow, Link3D, Siemens NX AM, and Siemens Opcenter.
2 Access to additional data modules available only for the HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution. Additional purchases required.
Gateway APIs for Partners (developers building software for customers that have HP 3D printers)


Unlock new markets by enhancing the value of your products to enable end-to-end solutions. Help your customers gain control of their manufacturing fleet. 

The new Gateway API simplifies device management. Whether your organization uses HP 3D printing systems, or builds software for those who do, the Gateway API delivers the data you need.

Benefits include: 

  • Remote job submission and real-time status monitoring 
  • Access to a wide variety of telemetry, functionality, and data modules

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