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13 Feb 2019
FutureSmart 4.7.1 Released with Release Notes for Solution Developers

FutureSmart 4.7.1 has been released with a number of changes that developers will be interested in.    As always, you can download the latest firmware from here.

Do you want to know what changes are in this revision?   The standard release notes that accompany FutureSmart firmware releases are targeted at end-customers, which means they are not as helpful as they could be to JetAdvantage solution developers.   To fix this, we're starting to create release notes specifically for developers.  You'll find those on the FutureSmart Firmware Solution Developer Release Notes page.

11 Dec 2018
Link for Device SDK Version 1.1.0 Now Available

HP is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.0 of the Link for Device SDK.


In August of this year HP announced the Developers Release of JetAdvantage Link SDKs on the Developer’s Portal, providing developers powerful and simpler ways to create print and scan integrations for end-users. We are excited to add more capabilities on our platform in our latest release, JetAdvantage Link for Device SDK version 1.1.0 (associated with the release of FutureSmart Bundle 4.7 device firmware).


Link for Device SDK (version 1.1.0):

Please note: A device firmware upgrade to FutureSmart Bundle 4.7 is required to use this SDK. Find and download the firmware here.

Download the new SDK from the Download page.


Major new features of this version include:

  • Official Support of several FutureSmart 4 capable A4 Devices with a 2GB DIMM accessory. See the updated Compatible Devices page for details.
  • Authentication API – Develop custom MFP authentication agents (See AuthenticationAgentOverview.pdf)
  • Link Home Screen – Replace the device’s home screen with your own (See LinkHomeScreenOverview.pdf), enabling simple Kiosk applications
  • Print Port Blocking – Control all printing activity by disabling printing from all external sources (See DeviceInfoSampleOverview.pdf)
  • Launcher API – Launch another app with actions (
  • Mass Storage API – Read/Write files from USB Mass Storage Devices and ScanTo/PrintFrom USB Mass Storage devices (See MassstorageServiceOverview.pdf)
  • Additional Sample Apps:
    • Alarm Manager – Demonstrates how to use the Alarm Manager to perform scheduled background tasks
    • Google Sign in – Demonstrates how to perform Google Sign in (without Chrome/Google Play Services)


Other notable changes include:

  • An issue with stapler options has been fixed (



  • Authentication using card readers (USB Devices) is not yet supported
  • USB MASS storage events are not yet supported
  • Launcher API cannot be used by Home Screen apps at this time
  • [PRINT] TIFF/TXT should be printed with document format as “pdf”
  • [PRINT] “STREAM” only allows “prn” file type
11 Dec 2018
App Gallery disabled in FutureSmart Bundle 4.7

The App Gallery has been disabled in FutureSmart Bundle 4.7


The on-device App Gallery has been disabled in FutureSmart Bundle 4.7. If usage is attempted, a message stating “This app has been disabled” will be displayed. Please do not report this as an issue to the SDK support forum.

App Gallery will return in a future FutureSmart release as a tool more tailored for use by resellers (not end users). Among the changes being considered, a verified reseller login may be required to use the App Gallery.

In the coming months, watch for more announcements related to reseller-focused app deployment tools and capabilities. This will include the redesigned App Gallery as well as a new web-based HP App Manager tool to enable remote deployment to fleets of Printers/MFPs (currently in Beta).


Note: The HPK tool and LDB are still be available for app testing purposes.

1 Nov 2018
October Tech Talk: Slides and Recording

October’s Tech Talk was well attended!  Topics were:

  • FutureSmart Release Plans and Performance Improvements
  • SDK and OPS Extensibility
  • JetAdvantage Link Update
  • Developer Support

If you want to refresh your memory on what was covered (or if you missed it), you can find the slides presented here and a link to the recording here.   Watch for upcoming “Dev Talks” that will provide more detailed technical content.

1 Nov 2018
HP's 3D printing to unlock $6 trillion opportunity in Asia-Pacific

HP has struck a major deal with Chinese 3D printing company Shining 3D ePrint for 50 Jet Fusion printers. The purchase - the largest to date for HP 3D - signals an expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

1 Nov 2018
HP Jet Fusion 3D printing wins "Innovation of the Year"

One year and one day after it introduced the world's first production-ready 3D printing solutions, HP's Jet Fusion 3D printing technology was crowned "Innovation of the Year" at the inaugural 3D Printing Industry Awards in London.

1 Nov 2018
HP invites IT companies to try out industrial 3D software

HP invites IT business readers to try out new industrial 3D printing software on HP Jet Fusion 3D printers.

1 Nov 2018
Sprout Pro G2 praised at Consumer Electronics Show 2017

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the second generation of the Sprout Pro by HP caught the attention of Melissa Riofrio, executive editor of PC World.

1 Nov 2018
More than 1000 HP employees volunteer for Hour of Code

For Hour of Code, more than 1,000 HP employees volunteered in 500 classrooms around the world to introduce almost 15,000 students to the basics of coding.

1 Nov 2018
HP Developer feeling irked: "Not coding makes me cranky"

Melanie Robertson, a software engineer for HP's Link Technology team, got fed up with constant interruptions. She decided to "fight for her right to code" without incessant interruptions. But how to do that? Read her solution in "Not coding makes me cranky."

1 Nov 2018
HP Developers Portal celebrates first anniversary

In the history of the new HP Inc., 2016 will stand out as the year the company was created, shipped its first Jet Fusion 3D printers, and launched a public developer portal so developers can create apps for HP hardware.

5 Oct 2015
Developer Week 2015

Congratulations to the SNAP team for winning the Link Technology challenge at AccelerateSF Hackathon.

Visit to read more.

5 Oct 2015
HP sponsors 2015 Indie Game Con in Eugene, Oregon

At the Indie Game Con in Eugene, Oregon, USA, HP is introducing Link Creation Studio, which allows game developers to embed invisible digital watermarks on printed images, like game cards and posters.