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6 Jul 2021
Announcement channel for Jarvis created in MS Teams

New Announcement Process for Jarvis

The Jarvis Team is introducing a new Jarvis announcement channel on MS Teams. News and updates will continue to be published here on HP's developer portal, and concurrently pushed out to this new MS Teams channel as appropriate.

The intent is to use this channel for general Jarvis announcements only. You should continue monitoring the MS Teams channels most relevant to your team for more general informational posts or information specific to your team only.

Thank you,

Jarvis Team

6 Jul 2021
Jarvis Component Standards Updated

Updated Jarvis Component Standards Now Available

An updated version of Jarvis Component Standards is now available at

Changes includes:

  • Updated recommendations for specific dev tools to use
  • A useful summary table to see these dev tools at a glance

Current version is 2.0.2, July 1, 2021