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HP Client Management Script Library

Community discussion and support for HP Client Management Script Library.
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The Omnicept Community Forum is a place for XR developers to discuss the Omnicept SDK and other XR related topics.

HP DaaS Proactive Management

Support, discussion and community regarding HP DaaS Proactive Management.

Mobile Scan SDK

This forum is for the purpose of discussing the Mobile Scan SDK; its uses and functionality across the iOS and Android platforms.
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Client Management Solutions

Community discussion and support for HP Client Management.
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HP Indigo SDKs and APIs

HP Indigo SDKs and APIs community discussion and support. (This forum is a merge of the former PrintOS and SmartStream SDK forums.)
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Recent Blog Posts

New Combined Driver and UWP-HSA Packs
HP Client Management 16 Nov 2022
New Combined Driver and UWP-HSA Packs
Author : dan.felman
Starting with Windows 10 and Windows 11, 22H2 Driver Pack releases in December 2022, HP is delivering combined Driver and UWP/HSA driver applications in single Softpaqs. Organizations who inject drivers during imaging will be able to download a single executable that will provide both the device’s hardware enabling drivers along with their corresponding HSA (UWP) control applications.
Moving SSM Workflows to HPIA
HP Client Management 2 Nov 2022
Moving SSM Workflows to HPIA
Author : dan.felman
HP’s System Software Manager (SSM) has helped many IT organizations deliver updates to end user devices for a long time. SSM was deprecated by HP after decades of service and other tools provide different methods for achieving similar results. Here, we are going to review how existing SSM workflows can be replaced with the HP Image Assistant. Syst
Controlling HP Image Assistant
HP Client Management 13 Oct 2022
Controlling HP Image Assistant
Author : dan.felman
HP Image Assistant (HPIA) analyzes a system by downloading a daily updated Reference File from HP. However, it can also analyze and take action from a local Reference File (scripting support added in version 5.1.6 - prior releases only allowed this from the GUI). With a properly modified reference file, HPIA would be able to use it to analyze and update a system based on specific

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1 Nov 2022
Final Reminder: HP Workpath to End VAV Support for Apps Targeting Oreo on December 1, 2022

Final Reminder: HP Workpath to End VAV Support for Apps Targeting Oreo on December 1, 2022

As previously communicated, HP Workpath will end VAV support for apps targeting Oreo firmware (Platform version 26.x) on December 1, 2022.

In addition to ending VAV support, we will explicitly prohibit the upload of apps targeting Oreo firmware to App Center (starting on December 1, 2022). This way, you won’t have to wait for VAV results in case you have unintentionally targeted Oreo firmware in your app.

Why end support for apps targeting Oreo firmware?
HP regularly introduces device firmware updates to improve functionality, reliability, and security. This includes major Android upgrades and patches. Oreo is much older and therefore less secure than Android 10 (Platform 29.x) which is now available in firmware upgrades for all devices in the Workpath fleet. By removing VAV support for Oreo firmware, we are able to maintain confidence in the security of the Workpath Platform.

How do I know if my app is affected?
Your app is affected if any of the following conditions are true:
* The Workpath Platform Version in the HPK manifest file is less than 29.4
* The Android minSdkVersion in the apk manifest is less than 29
* The Android targetSdkVersion in the apk manifest is less than 29

What do I need to do?
* Target Android 10 (Platform version 29.4, Android SDK Version 29) or later as the minimum version supported for any new app uploads.
* Communicate the need to upgrade device firmware to your app’s user community as soon as possible. A table of firmware versions and their corresponding platform versions can be found here.
* Remove older versions of your app with Oreo firmware support from App Center as soon as feasible.

25 May 2022
Workpath Partner Award Winners Announced

Workpath Partner Award Winners Announced

This year's Workpath Partner Award winners were announced last Thursday at the close of the HP PSS Developer Conference 2022 in Boise, Idaho. 

Congratulations to this year's winners!


Category Award Winner
Innovation EveryonePrint
Sales Achievement RBC Group
Partner Excellence Biscom
Agility iXware
Game Changer DataSec Solutions


11 Mar 2022
HP Workpath SDK Version 1.6 and Associated Simulator Now Available

HP Workpath SDK Version 1.6 and Associated Simulator Now Available

HP is pleased to announce the release of version 1.6 of the HP Workpath SDK and associated Simulator.

Key new features in this version include:

  • The HPKTool now supports OpenJDK
  • App configurations can be exercised using the HPKTool
  • Sample apps are now available in Kotlin as well as Java
  • The Copy API and sample app includes advanced copy features, such as:
    • Booklet
    • Fold
    • Image Shift
    • Margin Erase
    • Staple
    • Punch
    • Stamp
    • Watermark
  • Apps may register up to 10 USB accessories
  • Web Services - Apps can receive and respond to web service calls from external clients. (See the Web Service documentation and sample app in the SDK.)

The HP Workpath SDK v1.6 is available on the Downloads page.