is this released yet? 

Trying your example with powershell, but it don't work with computers 


The endDate is not correct 


$json = @" [{"sn":"CND3210W9M","pn":"D5H49AV"}] "@ $headers = @{} $uri = ""  $ContentType = "application/json" $Result = Invoke-WebRequest  -Method Post -Body $json -Uri $uri  -ContentType $ContentType -Headers $headers 

StatusCode        : 200 StatusDescription : OK

Response: [{"sn":"CND3210W9M","pn":"D5H49AV","product":null,"serviceType":null,"type":"Base Warranty","status":"Expired","startDate":"2013-05-27T00:00:00Z","endDate":"2013-05-27T00:00:00Z","serviceLevel":null}] 



Best regards

Patric Sten 

Hi Patric,

This service was done as a proof of concept, and has not been made production ready. Thanks for reporting the bug about the end date. The fields were mapped incorrectly and I've corrected it. 





Are there any plans to take this to production?

Are there other methods to perform HP warranty check via API?

There is a proposed project to get the web service into production. It has yet to be approved and funded.  Currently there is no "API" for warranty check consumable by the public. We have the UI based warranty checkers:




it's been over a year, we have customers waiting for this, any chance it will happen soon? 


Hello alfredeisenberg,

I don't have a date for you yet. We are working on a version 2 and would like to get some feedback prior to its move to production. It is quite different in that it provides a lot more metadata. Would you be interested in using this version and providing feedback?

Best regards,

Owen Wright HP Developer Program

Yes, would be very interested in testing.

We have customers that really need our cross platform system management platform and would like to be able to better manage their assets from all vendors.  We have good APIs for Dell, but nothing for HP at the moment.  Would really like to add to our support of HP devices in 2018 releases.  

Would also really like to be able to handle/control HP specific software updates from our product so would be interested in anything in that area as well.



Hi Alf,

Cool...thanks! We'll be in touch after we get some configuration done.


Hi Owen,

I have put in an access request via the form but have not heard back yet, do you have an idea how long the request normally takes? Is there anyway to fast track this also I am happy to use v2 of the API and provide feedback if this helps.


Hi Gavin,

Your enrollment request was approved earlier today I believe. You should have received a notification to that effect. Perhaps it was filtered. At any rate, please acquaint yourself with the documentation at for the Warranty API and you'll be on your way.




So does HP not support a web service feature to check warranty?

Currently there is no production "API" for warranty check consumable by the public. The API documented is beta-ish.

I can issue an API key if you would like to try it. 


We have the UI based warranty checkers:



I tried to view the API documentation on but getting access denied. Are you about to grant me access?

Thank you for your interest in the Product Warranty API. We have mailed you directly with information about how to access the documentation.


HP Developer Program


I'm also very interreted in accessing this api, could you allow me to access it ?

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in the Product Warranty API. We have mailed you directly with further information about this API.

Best regards,

HP Developer Program

Can I please have the API documention too?

Thank you for your interest in the Product Warranty API. We have mailed you directly with further information about this API.

Best regards,

HP Developer Program

I am also interested for HP systems warranty details API. Please share API or documentations.

In my software I want HP systems warranty details if any API is there let me know.

Hello Owen,


I am also interested in a warranty API. We have tens of thousands HP products deployed and would like an effecient way to track their warranty status.




Hi Luke, You have likely received notification already that you are able to access the API and documentation. Please let me know if you should have any access issues. Thanks, Owen Wright HP Developer Program

Hi Owen,


I recently submitted a request to access the Warranty Status API, but now need to be approved.  I was wondering if you could help move this process along? Look forward to your reply,

Brian Weiss

Hello,  I too would like access.  Cheers 



Hello cdonovan. Please follow this link to a web form to request access:

Access denied I tried to view the API documentation on but getting access denied.

Are you about to grant me access?  

Hello vinayak, please follow this link to a web form to request access:



Thanks for the quick reply. The UI base solution doesn't help when we have over 5000 laptops that we need to check. I would guess the beta doesn't have real data. 

I already have a good working integration with the bsic info on the code that is shared was just hoping for a prod instance to hit. 


When is HP planning to release warranty APIs to production? I have to query warranty information for a large number of machines and the UI based method is not helpful.




I don't have a schedule when we will have a production-level version of this API. As a developer, I am waiting for business and management approval to move this Beta forward. I hope that we can have a production API by the end of this year. 

Good Tuesday morning PatricSten,

I am the moderator for the Developer Forum. I apologize for the slow reply. When you posted yesterday, HP was closed for a holiday. The warranty API is closed. HP does not have a production version of the Warranty Lookup API. As rtbui02 says above, he hopes that HP will have a production API "by the end of the year." Your interest will help him demonstrate the customer need for a Warranty API. Thank you.

The Skipper Dev Portal Editor

Hi All,


+1 for the API development, I'M working for a major IT outsourcing service provider and are looking to automate warranty lookup for estates with 15K + desktops. Hope it will be ready by the end of the year!

Any news regarding the Warranty API ? 

Hi PatricSten, I've forwarded your request for information to the owner of the Warranty API. I believe he may be out of office right now, but I'm sure he will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for checking back in with us on this topic. Cheers! Owen.Wright

I am very interested in an API. I work for a company (Admin Arsenal) that make software for System Admins. We want to add the ability to view warranty information about specific computers in our software. We would love to work with HP if the API ever gets finished and setup an SDK. Our customers are asking for it on a daily basis, it would also help push our customers towards choosing HP as a vendor for thier workstations.

Hi nate8282,

Thanks for your interest in the Warranty API. I've forwarded your comment to the API owner. He's out of office right now, but will respond when he returns.


HP Developer Program


I assist many companies with their PC life cycle, as such I see 10,000’s of computers a year which I need to check the warranty details. An API would be great!


I need that API access too. Thanks.

Hi ,


we have over 15000 hp laptops/desktops.

we defenetly need API to check the warrenty status of the laptops/desktops.

Can you please let me know the status of the API?

we would like to start using the API even if it is a beta version.

Pls share the details..




Looks like the UI is now aggressively throttling traffic. After a 3rd manual lookup I'm being alerted with an "unusual traffic" warning and challenged with captcha. What is it about warranty data that it is so protected? Dell seems to be the only vendor willing to publish and support an API for this.

Hello, dfosterh.

Thanks for your comment and your interest in our warranty API. As stated earlier in the comment thread, a warranty API exists, but has not yet been approved for production use. We have notified the API owner of your interest and hope it is approved soon. Please check back.

Thanks again,

HP Developer Program

Hi HP Developer Program,

I  understand the API is not approved for production use..dont understand why it takes so long to get the approval!!

In the meantime, is it possible for us to access the API?


I hope you understand our PAIN..


Thank you for the quick reply Owen.

In the meantime, if the UI no longer allows users to make multiple requests for for warranty information, we will have a problem keeping our thousands of devices covered. Starting very recently, when a user attempts to lookup more than a few serial numbers, the UI returns "There is an unusual pattern of network activity" and/or a CAPTCHA challenge. I'm sure you can imagine that this will affect our ability to track and purchase extended warranties.


Yep. Totally understand the concern. We will contact the API owner with your concern, again, with the belief that he can make some connections with the UI owner and get them to make some changes to address the issue as described. Thank you again for your engagement.

HP Developer Program

Good Evening, how can I get added to the list for testing out the HP warranty API. Joey

Can I please have the API documention too?

Hi Steve,

We have published a web form allowing access requests. You may access it here:


HP Developer Program

The request form is great news, and I just used it. However, this string initially indicated that the API is in dev/test with unreliable or incomplete data. Does this form mean that we are past this phase and either in or close to production?

Thank you for helping advocate for this Owen.

Hello dfosterh,

The API currently points to a non-production stack, but is refreshed daily with production data. We currently do not have a timeline for moving into a true production mode. Thank you again for your interest. Your feedback is welcome.


HP Developer Program

Hi Owne,


I recently submitted a request to access this Warranty API.  I was hoping you would be able to help me push this request along to approval.


I look forward to hearing back from you,

Brian Weiss

Hi HP Developer Program,


I have requested for access through


waiting for approvel. Please provide me access.




Hello babu,

Thank you for your interest. We will approve your request for access. You will receive an email confirmation shortly.

Best regards,

HP Developer Program