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Welcome to the Immersive developer community forum.
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PrintOS community discussion and support.
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SmartStream SDKs

Improve production efficiency and produce high-value applications using HP SmartStream solutions.
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Client Management Solutions

Community discussion and support for HP Client Management.
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HP Client Management Script Library

Community discussion and support for HP Client Management Script Library.
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HP DaaS Proactive Management

Support, discussion and community regarding HP DaaS Proactive Management.

PrintOS Composer API

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PrintOS PrintBeat API

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PrintOS PrintBeat Jobs API

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PrintOS SiteFlow API

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Production Center REST API SDK

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Production Pro JDF SDK

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SmartStream Production Center Product & SDKs

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PrintOS Device API

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Production Center JDF SDK

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SmartStream Production Pro SDKs

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PrintOS Box API

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Mobile Scan SDK

This forum is for the purpose of discussing the Mobile Scan SDK; its uses and functionality across the iOS and Android platforms.
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6 Jul 2020
Android 10 Beta Starts Now! It's time to test your apps.

Android 10 Beta Starts Now!  It's time to test your apps.

In May during our 2020 Virtual Partner Conference we announced some significant improvements to our HP Workpath Platform for Summer and Fall of 2020. One of these key enhancements include implementing Android 10 (also known as Android Q) on our upcoming FutureSmart 25.1 firmware (slated for Oct-Nov release).

Today, we are excited to provide all Workpath app developers access to a Beta version of FutureSmart 25.1 running Android 10. When FutureSmart  25.1 is officially released, we want to ensure quality and app stability for this exciting Workpath platform release. Please complete your testing by July 31 to ensure time to address any issues found.

Moving the HP Workpath Platform to API 29 will require additional testing on your part to check for compatibility with your app. And in some cases, code changes and resubmission for App Center V&V will be required.

Download the Android 10 Beta firmware and release notes from the Download page now and take it for a test drive with your app.

Please follow these steps:

1. Uninstall all apps and remove the printer from HP Command Center (if the printer had been previously added)
2. Perform a format disk operation
3. Install the Android 10 Beta firmware from a USB thumb drive
4. Configure the printer’s web proxy (if necessary)
5. Register the printer with HP Web Services (if necessary)
6. Enable LDB mode
7. Install your app using the latest HPKTool
8. Push your app’s App Attestation debug credentials using the latest HPKTool (if necessary)
9. Run your app, noting all anomalies encountered

For any anomalies found, first check the release notes for known issues. Then check your usage of the APIs. In our testing so far, most of the anomalies were actually due to the app’s incorrect use of the APIs or reliance on deprecated APIs (For example, using targetSDKVersion < 26).

If an unknown defect in the Workpath Platform is proven or even strongly suspected, please report it through the Workpath SDK support forum. Indicate in your post that you are using the Android 10 Beta firmware image.

Thank you in advance for participating in the Android 10 beta.

1 Jun 2020
HP Workpath SDK 1.4.1 (Rename Preview) Now Available

HP is pleased to announce availability of the HP Workpath SDK version 1.4.1  (Workpath name change preview)

As we announced in December, HP has been working to implement the name change from “HP JetAdvantage Link for Device” to “HP Workpath” throughout our ecosystem. And while not all of this work is complete, we are pleased to announce the availability of the first HP Workpath SDK package with the new naming implemented throughout, including the APIs (namespaces, types, methods, etc.) -- HP Workpath SDK v1.4.1.

This new Workpath SDK v1.4.1 is functionally equivalent to the JetAdvantage Link or Device SDK v1.4.0 in every way – only the names have changed. It is also backward compatible with existing device firmware. But due to the API name changes, you will need to make the corresponding name changes in your app code in order to use it.

All future SDK releases will use the new Workpath naming convention, so you will need to make this change to your app eventually. So why wait? By downloading the new Workpath SDK 1.4.1 and rebuilding your app now, you will avoid this additional step when you upgrade to an even newer SDK to access additional features in the future.

The HP Workpath SDK v1.4.1 is available on the Downloads page.


21 May 2020
Remote App Configuration Now Available for All HP Workpath Apps

HP is pleased to announce that Remote App Configuration is now available for all HP Workpath apps.

HP has been working hard to enhance app deployment through HP Command Center (HPCC). A few months ago, we introduced the ability to create and deploy app configurations remotely from within HPCC for several HP developed apps. We have used the intervening time to test and improve that feature under production conditions.

HP is pleased to announce that we are now making Remote App Configuration available for all HP Workpath apps. With a little work on your part, HPCC users will be able to create a unique configuration for a customer and deploy it to your app installed on that customers’ devices -- all through HPCC.

For details, please visit the new Remote Configuration page on the developer portal.