Sign up with Shapeways to test HP 3D printing

Shapeways, a leader in the 3D Printing market, has worked closely with HP since 2014 to develop the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer. Now Shapeways is inviting customers to sign up for an Early Access Program. Check out this announcement on the website All3DP.

Sign up for Early Access to HP Multi Jet Fusion with Shapeways

Those chosen will have custom objects fabricated on one of the most eagerly anticipated new technologies in the 3D printing industry.

“Thanks to your always-expanding variety of designs,” says Angela Linneman on the Shapeways Blog, “we’ve been able to work with HP to drive the evolution of the MJF printer.”

Real-world trial 

The nylon plastic material produced by an HP Jet Fusion printer is very strong, smooth and dense. The machines are also fast and reliable. The hope is that widespread adoption will lead to leaner, stronger, and cheaper parts. Before that can happen, Shapeways wants a real-world field trial to discover the limits of the new technology. Whether you’re making complex miniatures or custom jewelry, this is an exciting opportunity to have it rendered with a new material on a new type of 3D printer, the announcement said.




Author : TheSkipper