Why 3D Printer Vendors Need to Be More Materialistic

Back in the 1990s, Tim Heller toured the United States with a 3D printer in the back of a van. Now, as Director of 3D Printing for the Americas, Heller is evangelizing HP's 3D Jet Fusion technology. However, in a post published on LinkedIn, Heller doesn't tout HP technology. Instead he calls on all 3D printer vendors to work together to create an "open platform" for developing new materials for all brands of 3D printers.

"Nobody can win with a proprietary materials approach to 3D printing. No single company can contain innovation. If we hope to reach the point where we’re not all evangelizing 3D printers out of the backs of vans, we must join together. The future of 3D printing will depend on an Open Platform dedicated to delivering opportunities for a constant flow of materials for meeting ever-changing manufacturer requirements."

Read Heller's entire post by connecting through HP's 3D Printing blog: The Shapes of Things to Come.

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Author : TheSkipper