Warranty API Keys

Warranty API Keys

In order to use the Warranty API, you must first obtain an API "key" and "secret". You can then supply those to the API using the -keyFile parameter.

Keys file format

The keys file is a JSON file, of the following format:

"key":"...the api key goes here...",
"secret":"...the api secret goes here..."

Obtaining an API key and secret

To obtain an API key and secret, create an account on the website http://developers.hp.com.

After you are logged into your account, navigate to "Technologies" (on web site top bar), then select "Security, IT and Customer Support" from the list, followed by "CSS" and "Product Warranty API". Request access to his API. Then, still on the website, create an application to use this api (the name of the application does not matter.) This will generate your API key and secret.