Client Management Script Library


The client management script library currently incorporates a number of modules, as listed below. Some of these modules may have interdependencies. When attempting to install powershell modules manually, always do so by deploying the entire library.

As of version 1.3, Client Management Script Library is supported on Powershell 5.0 or higher.

To download the library installer, click here. Downloads are also available in the download section of the client management web site.

The following modules are currently available:

Bios and Device functionality

BIOS and Device module, allows querying client properties, and manipulating the HP bios settings. For a higher level command line interface, the module also provides the bios-cli script, which approximates the behavior of the venerable HP BIOS Configuration Utility.

Warranty functionality

The Device Warranty module provides an interface for querying the HP Warranty service. You will need to obtain an API key and secret pair before using this module. The HP Warranty Service provides product warranty information for HP devices. The database does not contain warranty information for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise products.

Softpaq functionality

The Softpaq Management module provides functionality for identifying softpaqs for target systems, and downloading softpaqs from the internet.

Softpaq Repository functionality

The Softpaq Repository module extends the Softpaq Management module to provide a softpaq repository for a set of platforms that can be kept in sync with a single action.

Firmware functionality

The Firmware module provides access to low level firmware functionality. This module is supported only on Windows 10, and functionality may differ between platforms or generations of platforms. Please consult the individual function's documentation for prerequisite information.

Library Maintenance module

The Library Maintenance module adds support for checking the installed version of the Powershell module, and for automated upgrades or downgrades of the product.

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