Device Warranty

This module allows querying the HP Warranty API, which contains warranty information for HP client devices. Note that Hewlett-Packard Enterprise products are not covered by this API.

There are two sets of APIs, v1 and v2, supported by this module. When using batch submissions, please make sure you match the API version between the job submission and result query requests.

For questions about the data itself, please contact the Warranty API team via the developer portal.

You will need to obtain an API key and secret pair before using these APIs.

The following functionality is currently supported:

Single device

Use this cmdlet to obtain the warranty status of a single device. The device may be the current device, or a different device.

Function    Description
Get-HPWarranty    Get warranty status for specific computer

Batch operations

Use these cmdlets to obtain the warranty status of multiple devices at once. When specifying an API version (v1 and v2) ansure that you consistently use the same version across all three cmdlets.

Function    Description
Send-HPWarrantyJob    Send a warranty job of up to 5000 items
Get-HPWarrantyJobStatus    Get the status of a warranty job
Get-HPWarrantyJobResults    Get the result of a warranty job