Get a list of softpaqs for a platform


Get-SoftpaqList [[-platform] <String>] [[-bitness] <Int32>] [[-os] <String>] [[-osver] <Int32>] [[-url] <String>] [[-quiet]] [[-format] <Object>] [[-downloadDirectory] <String>] [[-download]] [[-downloadCva]] [[-downloadNotes]] [[-friendlyName]] [[-overwrite] <String>] [[-category] <String[]>] [[-releaseType] <String[]>] [[-characteristic] <String[]>] [[-cacheDir] <DirectoryInfo>] [[-maxRetries] <Int32>] [<CommonParameters>]


This function gets a list of latest softpaqs for a specifed platform ID, or the current computer.


  • platform <String>: The platform ID for which to retrieve the list of softpaqs. If not available, the current platform ID is used.
  • bitness <Int32>: the platform bitness (32 or 64). If not available, the current platform bitness is used.
  • os <String>: filter for the specified OS. The OS may be one of win7, win8, win8.1, win10. If not specified, current platform OS is used.
  • osver <Int32>: filter for the specified OS Version. Applies to Win10 only. This is a numeric value, usually the third part of a Windows 10 version (e.g. 10.0.xxxx)
  • url <String>: specify an alternate location for the softpaq URL. This URL must be http, https, or ftp. The softpaqs are expected to be at the location pointed to by this URL. If not specified, is used via HTTPS protocol.
  • quiet <SwitchParameter>: Suppress non-error progress messages
  • format <Object>: Display results in a specified format (json, xml, or csv). If not specified, results are returned as powershell objects
  • downloadDirectory <String>: specify a directory for the downloaded files
  • download <SwitchParameter>: download matching softpaqs
  • downloadCva <SwitchParameter>: also download CVA files (metadata) for matching softpaqs
  • downloadNotes <SwitchParameter>: also download note files (human readable info files) for matching softpaqs
  • friendlyName <SwitchParameter>: if specified, retrieve the softpaq metadata and create a friendly file name based on the softpaq title. Applies if -download is specified.
  • overwrite <String>: This parameter controls the overwrite behavior. Options may be "no" to not overwrite existing files, "yes" to force overwrite, and "skip" to skip existing files without an error. Default is 'no' if overwrite is not specified.
  • category <String[]>: The category field filters to a specific category of softpaqaqs. It must be one of "bios", "firmware", "driver", "software", "os".
  • releaseType <String[]>: filter to specified release type. The release type must be one of "critical", "recommended", "routine".
  • characteristic <String[]>: Specify additional filter characteristics for the softpaq list.
  • cacheDir <DirectoryInfo>: Custom location for caching data files. If not specified, the user-specific TEMP directory is used.
  • maxRetries <Int32>: Maximum number of retries allowed to obtain an exclusive lock to downloaded files. This is relevant only when files are downloaded into a shared directory and multiple processes may be reading or writing from the same location.

Current default value is 10 retries, and each retry includes a 30 second pause, which means the maximum time the default value will wait for an exclusive logs is 300 seconds or 5 minutes.


PS C:\>Get-SoftpaqList -download

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