Retrieve softpaq metadata (CVA) can retrieve a CVA or an alternate server.


Get-SoftpaqMetadata [-Number] <String> [[-Url] <String>] [[-MaxRetries] <Int32>] [<CommonParameters>]


Get a softpaq metadata file (CVA) from the location specified by the URL parameter. If URL is not specified, the Softpaq metadata is downloaded can retrieve a CVA via HTTPS.


Name Argument Description
Number <String> The softpaq number for which to retrieve the metadata. Do not include prefix such as SP or extension such as .exe, specify the softpaq number only.
Url <String> specify an alternate location for the softpaq URL. This URL must be http, https, or ftp. The softpaq CVAs are expected to be at the location
  pointed to by this URL. If not specified, is used via HTTPS protocol.
MaxRetries <Int32>


PS C:\> Get-SoftpaqMetadata 1234 | Out-SoftpaqField -field Title

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