Retrieve softpaq metadata (CVA) can retrieve a CVA or an alternate server.


Get-SoftpaqMetadataFile [-Number] <String> [[-SaveAs] <String>] [[-FriendlyName]] [[-Quiet]] [[-Overwrite] <String>] [[-Url] <String>] [[-MaxRetries] <Int32>] [<CommonParameters>]


Use this command to download a softpaq from a specified location. By default, the softpaq is retrieved from HP.COM via HTTPS.


Name Argument Description
Number <String> The softpaq number for which to retrieve the metadata. Do not include prefix such as SP or extension such as .exe.
SaveAs <String> Provide a specific name for the saved softpaq metadata, otherwise it is inferred based on the remote name or the metadata
  if -friendlyName is specified.
FriendlyName Create a friendly name for the downloaded softpaq, based on the softpaq number and title.
Quiet Suppress non-errors such as download progress and other messages.
Overwrite <String> This parameter controls the overwrite behavior. Options may be "no" to not overwrite existing files,
  "yes" to force overwrite, and "skip" to skip existing files without an error. Default is 'no' if overwrite is
  not specified.
Url <String> An alternate URL where to look for the softpaq
MaxRetries <Int32>


PS C:\> Get-SoftpaqMetadataFile 1234

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