Updating drivers on production boxes

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Posted: 17 June 2021 - 8:24am
Updating drivers on production boxes


I understand HPIA can be used to install drivers for a clean build by running the HPIA utility as part of a Task Sequence.

But can HPIA be used to keep drivers up to date for a box that's already in production.

If it's possible, what's the best way to achieve this.

Startup script?

Scheduled Task?

PS. We dont currently have SCCM in our environments.



Posted: 20 June 2021 - 12:54pm
Re: Updating drivers on production boxes

YES!   We deployed 7k laptops last year and have forced updates once so far.  July is going to be the 2nd forced update.

If you can't tell pretty pumped by the success so far, this allows us to be much more flexible, a lot less dev/testing time onboarding new models etc.

HPIA will scan current state against HP's online catalog.  Anything missing or out of date can then be downloaded and installed.

There really isn't anything different about using HPIA during the build process vs updating after build.  It works the same, same options and limitations (access to internet etc)

Ouch!  No management options at all?  So sorry, hope you have a small fleet.

Yeah your options will be limited to some sort of script, either startup or scheduled task.  If it were me, I would do a scheduled task.   You don't need to be checking for drivers at every boot.

You just need to get the HPIA files somewhere that can be run, usually on the device.  Just copy the HPIA files... then you can run your script using them.

This is basically what I use for install and update command...  It downloads/extracts/installs from c:\HPDrivers folder on the device (logs are stored there too).

/Operation:Analyze /Action:Install /Category:Drivers,BIOS /BIOSPwdFile:"PATH_2_PASSFILE" /SoftpaqDownloadFolder:"C:\HPDrivers" /ReportFolder:"C:\HPDrivers\Logs" /Silent /Debug 

Depending on what you are deploying (just drivers, or bios and accessories etc), you might want some sort of user prompt and/or method for them to postpone/reschedule.

Driver updates tend to do odd (But very fast things) like cut network connection, mouse cursor disappears etc.  Usually very brief but if the user doesn't know something is happening can be confusing.

Bios updates also can be longer then what your customers might be used to, after update, at the next start the BIOS will update and all firmware too.  This can take 10mins and have seen the screen go completely black for up to a minute.   Rarely a technical issue just causes more confusion unless they know what to expect.

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