HP Labs devises a new, handheld ink calibration tool to advance next generation commercial printing



At the heart of HP’s successful HP Indigo commercial printing business is a sophisticated ink – known as ElectroInk – that contains electrically chargeable particles that help ensure that Indigo’s presses achieve very high levels of print quality, stability, and durability at high marking engine speeds


Maintaining those levels, however, is a challenge, says Omer Gila, director of commercial printing research in HP’s Print and 3D Lab. “To make every print the same, you need to control all the parameters you subject your inks to, including the ElectroInk electrical properties and charges.” And while calibration sensors in a press are making sure that press and inks are running at their target specifications, he notes, “there is a need for a high precision external ElectroInk reference unit to monitor and calibrate press internal sensors, installing new inks, and qualifying new ElectroInk formulations.”

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