HP Labs security research steps up to deal with a shifting threat landscape



sshiu_thumbnail.jpgThe modern IT threat landscape is shifting as malicious actors look to take advantage of changes in where we’re placing compute power. Increasingly, processing power is located at the edge of networks in “endpoint” devices, notes Simon Shiu, head of HP’s Security Lab. 


“Endpoint devices now include all printers – home, commercial, and 3D – as well as interactive displays and sensor-equipped devices that are part of the Internet of Things,” Shiu explains. “And more and more we’re seeing threats aimed directly at these network edge points where people are creating, consuming, and sharing information.”


That’s of particular import to HP, a major supplier of both endpoint devices and the infrastructures and ecosystems that support them, and it informs current security research at HP Labs into next generation security architecture and defenses for endpoints and associated eco-systems.

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