The rebirth of manufacturing and “the HP Weigh”

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Steve-Simske_tcm_245_1680184.jpgThis is the first in a series of blogs on how the HP Way and the combined weight of HP’s research, business practices, and heart – what I call “the HP Weigh” - can contribute to a better future. Feel free to weigh in!


3D printing (3DP) flew off the peak of the hype rollercoaster last year and remains mid-pupil in the public eye. That’s no surprise, since it promises to underpin a new hybridization of mass production and mass customization that could help revive manufacturing in the Rust Belts and small communities of the world.


Understandably, too, HP’s pending entrance in the field has drawn a lot of media attention. Some of that is due to uncertainty about HP’s plans. In this blog, though, I hope to show how that should also be in anticipation of the power of what I call “the HP Weigh."


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