Such a Weigh with Words

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This is another blog in our series on how the HP Way and the combined weight of HP’s research, business practices, and heart – what I call “the HP Weigh” - can contribute to a better future. Feel free to weigh in!


Do you still have a weigh with words? Or has the premise behind the Shallows, which argued that the Internet is negatively influencing “how we think, read and remember,” and is one of the landmark books of this decade, proven true in your increasingly referential brain? In this blog, we briefly discuss the history and the power of text to motivate, liberate, and educate, and consider the magic of text in a world increasingly crushed by the now-mundane pervasiveness of video. We then consider the many different ways in which we can add emphasis, or emphasis, or even emphasis, to text. Hopefully, when you finish looking over this, you’ll have a renewed love of the art of reading.


Is there, in fact, more creativity in text than in video? Maybe so. And in this age of video and other multimedia, what role does millennia-old, humble text play? More than you might think. Keep in mind that text is not just the first word, it is also the last word. And word is, text is not just content, it is form and shape as well.


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