Summer 2016 interns at HP Labs – Baris Unver




Baris Unver was born in Istanbul, Turkey, where he began coding and building electronic systems as a young teen. He attended the Kuleli Military High School and Turkish Military Academy, receiving a BSc in systems engineering, before embarking on twelve years of military service in the Turkish Gendarmerie’s Signals Corps. He then studied for an MSc in information technology at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey and is now enrolled as a Ph.D. student in computer science at the University of Minnesota, where he is focusing on human-computer interaction within GroupLens Research.


HP: Can you describe the project you are working on at HP Labs this summer?


I am working on projector camera systems, like the HP Sprout, which is the only pro-cam system on the market. Pro-cam systems have both video conferencing and a shared “live” stage that each party can work in, so each person can draw or play with objects on that stage as they work together. I’m interested in seeing how we can reinforce social relations with these systems and also enhance workspace collaboration and distance learning. This summer, I’m working with my Ph.D. advisor, Professor Lana Yarosh, and Dr. Alex Thayer in HP’s Immersive Experiences Lab build an app that lets pro-cam systems interact with people who only have access to a PC or mobile device.


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