Summer 2016 interns at HP Labs – Camille Eddy




Camille Eddy has wanted to be an astronaut since the age of twelve. That led the native of Idaho to focus on engineering and computer science as she was home schooled through high school and then to major in mechanical engineering at Boise State, where she’s a rising senior. “I see robots and artificial intelligence as having some really cool applications for space and for technology in general, and I just want to keep driving towards that,” she says. Already making her mark, Eddy was chosen to introduce President Obama when he visited Boise State to speak about education and innovation last year and is the recent recipient of a McNair Scholarship, a program that prepares students who are traditionally underrepresented in graduate education for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities.


HP: What are you working on at HP Labs this summer?


I’m working in the Emerging Compute Lab and our summer project is teaching a telepresence robot how to find a conference room and open the door by itself. There’s a team that’s working on the navigation part of it and my responsibility is programming the mechanical arm that grabs the door handle and turns it.

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