Summer 2016 interns at HP Labs – Cody Carlton



Cody Carlton had never taken a course in computer science before arriving at college. But he decided to try programming in his freshman year at Stanford University and ended up taking three CS classes. Now a rising sophomore, he’s thinking about majoring in either computer science or management science and engineering. Home for Carlton is Fort Collins, Colorado, where he grew up loving the outdoors and where he’s returned this summer to intern at HP Labs’ Fort Collins outpost. “Both the Rocky Mountains and HP are ten minutes from my house,” he says, “so it’s worked out pretty well.”  



HP: So what are you working on at HP Labs this summer?


I’m working on a couple of projects in the Print and 3D Lab. My primary project is on progressive QR codes. These have a 2D black and white bar code, plus information encoded in color – and then those colors also change over time. You can encode something like a serial number into the bar code to track an object as it moves around. Then you can put color into the white spaces in the code to relay other information, like whether or not the item has been tested, and then change the color as it moves through the manufacturing or delivery process. I’m writing code that will read black and white bar codes and then map where the colors are as they change over time.

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