How to Install HPLIP Using the Automatic Installer

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Many Linux distributions are equipped with a pre-packaged version of HPLIP software, therefore, you may already have HPLIP installed on your system.

Even though HPLIP is already installed on your system, you may wish to upgrade to a newer version.  Additionally, you may wish to have the latest version if you have a newer printer, a need for a new feature, or would like a bug fix that is contained in the newest version.  If so, click HERE to find out how to auto-install HPLIP.

A few items to note about what the Automatic Installation process provides:

  • Automatic compilation and installaton of the HPLIP package (to the /usr/share directory)
  • Installation of all options
  • Removal of previous installations of HPLIP and HPOJ packages
  • Assumes that all optional dependencies will be downloaded and installed
  • Provides installation of required dependencies
  • Asks to confirm Linux distribution
  • Automatically runs the hp-setup tool to finish installation and configure your printer