Automatic Installer Won't Work In Open SuSe 10.3

Applies To
HPLIP Version: 
Linux OS Distribution(s): 
Open SuSe 10.3

When running the HPLIP automatic installer the flags for qt4 and qt3 are disabled, so under the ./configure command it shows --disable-qt4 and --disable-qt3.  This will result in the installer not finishing the setup process.


1.  First, ensure that you are a member of the "lp" group by following the instructions here:

2.  Next, if you are running the installer let it unpack the hplip directory and quit when it asks if you would like to run the automatic installer.

3.  Navigate to the hplip-3.9.4 directory that was downloaded through the install process.

4.  Run the command: "./ --qt4" from this directory and follow the install procedure as normal.

5.  Add the printer through the setup process as normal.