How to Enable the Qt4 Preview in HPLIP

Linux OS Distribution(s): 

HPLIP version 2.8.12 includes an alpha version of the new Qt4 based HPLIP. The Qt4 code can be enabled by following some specific steps at install time.

Enabling Qt4 Preview in HPLIP 2.8.12:

1. Download and execute the file as instructed in the automatic installation directions ( but stop at the first step (i.e., when you come to the first question asked by the installer (automatic or custom install), enter a 'q' to quit.)

2. At the terminal prompt, enter: python --qt4 --no-qt3  (Note: only specify --no-qt3 if you do not want any Qt3 support)

3. Install HPLIP using the automatic installer as usual.

4. Make sure to Quit any running hp-systray (HP system tray icon/Status Service) that is running before running new HPLIP 2.8.12 programs.


Known issues with Qt4 Preview in HPLIP 2.8.12:

1. The command hp-devicesetup is not implemented. This tool is available to users of the Deskjet 450, 460, and Officejet h470 to allow for the setting of a battery/power setting. (Workaround: Use the Qt3 toolbox. To do this, install using the --qt3 and --qt4 flags and then run hp-toolbox with the --qt3 flag.)

2. The command hp-makecopies is not implemented. (Workaround: Use the Qt3 version of hp-makecopies or the device's front panel buttons/menus).

3. Front panel button monitoring is not implemented.