Printer is not discovered during hp-setup or through lsus

Applies To
HPLIP Version: 
Linux OS Distribution(s): 
Suse 10.3

When hp-setup is run the printer is not discovered, or when lsusb is run as regular user no printer is discovered.  However, when lsusb is run as super user the printer is listed as expected.


Your user name must be added as a member of the "lp" group.


1.  Click on the Application Launcher, choose "Yast: Administrator Settings", and enter the super user password when prompted.

2.  Scroll down, choose "User Management", select your user profile, and choose "Edit".

3.  Under the Details tab ensure that the "lp" group is checked, click "Accept", and click "Finish" on the next dialog box to exit.

4.  Log out, then log back in, and run hp-setup.

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