Troubleshoot Scanning

My network connected scanner cannot be seen by OpenOffice or xsane


OpenOffice or xsane cannot see my network connected scanner


CUPS queue not configured properly


For network scanning, the "hp:/net/..." URI must be configured in the CUPS queue for auto-discovery by OpenOffice and xsane. You can manually specify the URI with xsane using the following format:

xsane <"hpaio" device uri>

For example:

xsane hpaio:/net/PSC_750?ip=

(Where the CUPS installed device URI is: hp:/net/PSC_750?ip=, and the hp: was replaced with hpaio:)

When scanning with the ADF, you must use "batch mode". In 'scanimage', use a command line such as:

$ scanimage -b --batch-count=n --source ADF

where 'n' is number of pages to scan.

In 'xsane', use the provided batch scan mode.