• Printing support for HP printers, including Deskjet, Officejet, Photosmart, PSC, Business Inkjet and LaserJet. (For a complete list, please see Supported Printers)
  • Color and monochrome scanning from compatible Officejet, PSC, Photosmart, and LaserJet MFPs
  • High quality photo printing
  • Full-bleed printing
  • Automatic duplexing (on equiped printers)
  • Automatic document feeder (ADF) scanning
  • A Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) compatible interface
  • Send fax address book
  • Device manager (toolbox) with maintenance tools, supplies levels, and status information
  • USB and  network connection types
  • Full integration with CUPS
  • PPD file provided for Postscript-only laser printers
  • Command line utilities for many often needed tasks
  • A simple setup utility

ScanJet Features Limitations:

- PunchHole Removal
  If some text content is present near the punch holes margin area, the behaviour is unexpected (might see some circle shaped text filled).
  If the punch hole present in a mix of background colors, the gradient color fill pattern is unexpected.

- ColorDropOut/ColorRemoval
  The range of the color selected needs to be put to maximum to yeild better results.

- Background Color Removal
  It will mainly work for uniform background images.
  It may fail if the scanned document has multiple background colors.

- Searchable PDF
  In Pyhton2, there are limitatiosn related to searching the capital letters. 

- Smaller file size for PDF and JPEG
  This is relative to file used for scanning.
  If the file has more color/grapghic content, then there might not be huge reduction of the file size compared to previous releases.

-Distro Limitations:
  RHEL6(32/64 bit) - scanjet features punch hole removal is not supported.