HP-Linux: What are the minimum system requirements?

  • Linux kernel 2.4.19 and above (2.6.x recommended).
  • GNU software tools are required to build from source code. This includes the ANSI C compiler, ANSI C++ compiler and POSIX compliant environment.
  • libusb 0.1.8 or higher.
  • GPL Ghostscript 7.05 or higher.
  • Foomatic 3.0.2 or higher.
  • Qt 3.x or higher for UI toolkit.
  • PyQt 3.14 or higher for Qt wrapper for Python.
  • Python 2.2 or higher and python-devel (Python 2.3+ for fax support)
  • Reportlab (optional-provides fax cover page support)
  • CUPS 1.1.15 or higher and cups-devel.
  • libjpeg 6b or higher and libjpeg-devel.
  • net-snmp 5.0.9 or higher and net-snmp-devel for network support.
  • CUPS DDK 1.2 or higher for dynamic PPD support.

HPLIP has been tested on most major Linux distributions.