hp-check: Dependency/Version Check Utility (ver. 15)

Check the existence and versions of HPLIP dependencies. (Run as 'python ./check.py' from the HPLIP tarball before installation.)

Usage: hp-check [OPTIONS]


Compile-time check: -c or --compile
Run-time check: -r or --run
Compile and run-time checks: -b or --both (default)
Fix the found issues on confirmation: --fix
Set the logging level: -l<level> or --logging=<level>
  <level>: none, info*, error, warn, debug (*default)
Run in debug mode: -g (same as option: -ldebug)
Output plain text only: -t
This help information: -h or --help


  1. For checking for the proper build environment for the HPLIP supplied tarball (.tar.gz or .run),
use the --compile or --both switches.
  1. For checking for the proper runtime environment for a distro supplied package (.deb, .rpm, etc),
use the --runtime switch.