PCL3GUI is proprietary

PCL3GUI, which is used for most HP home printers, has not been published and is not documented on this portal. HP has all the software necessary to print to home printers. (To find the right driver software for your printer, go to HP Support.)

If you have custom enterprise software that needs to print to home printers, please send an email to the HP Developers Portal.


History of PCL3

PCL3 was developed by HP as a printer protocol for the early inkjet printers in 1984.

  • PCL 3 was introduced in 1984 with the original HP LaserJet. This added support for bitmap fonts and increased the maximum resolution to 300 dpi. Other products with PCL 3 support were the HP DeskJet ink jet printer, HP 2932 series matrix printers and HP RuggedWriter 2235 matrix printers. PCL 3 is still in use on several impact printers which replaced the obsolete HP models.
  • PCL 3+ (monochrome) and PCL 3c+ (color) are used on later HP DeskJet and HP PhotoSmart products.
  • PCL 3GUI is used in most DeskJet series printers and HP DesignJet large-formate printers (plotters). It uses a proprietary compressed Raster Transfer Language format that is not compatible with standard PCL 3.