Overview of the HP TechPulse APIs

What are the HP TechPulse APIs?

The HP TechPulse APIs are RESTful web APIs that enable you to write your own code to access your data, reports, and incidents in the HP TechPulse platform. After you go through the app registration process and get authentication tokens for a user or service, you can make requests to the HP TechPulse APIs.

How do I access the HP TechPulse APIs?

  1. Get added to our Business Unit on developers.hp.com by sending an email to hptechpulseapi@hp.com.
  2. Register an app for our "HP TechPulse Analytics API" on developers.hp.com.
  3. Wait for app approval after it is submitted.
  4. Follow our tutorial on Accessing the API with Postman and get started making API calls!

What data specifically is available in the APIs?

All reports and incidents available in HP TechPulse are available in the APIs.

There are no special features or datasets only available in the APIs.

The APIs provide simple programmatic access to the items you see in HP TechPulse.

What can you build with HP TechPulse APIs?

The options are limitless but here are some of the use cases we have thought of:

  • Pull assets and incidents into your own ITSM or helpdesk
  • Analyze your data in your own business intelligence software.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams and get notified of new incidents in a Team Channel
  • Transform your business and workplace using insights from TechPulse.
  • Export your reports and incidents automatically on your schedule and integrate with professional services automation and workplace solutions.