Tableau Integration Example

This section gets you up and running with the Tableau Web Data Connector (WDC) and it's developer samples.

A Web Data Connector (WDC) is needed when you want to connect to a web data source from Tableau. A WDC is an HTML page with JavaScript code that connects to web data (for example, by means of a REST API), converts the data to a JSON format, and passes the data to Tableau.

This API Reference contains all of the functions and objects for the WDC API.



WDC for HP TechPulse


In order to expose HP TechPulse Analytics API with Tableau, the WDC requires authentication to connect to a data source.

The connector's workflow steps: 

  1. Authentication using OAuth 2.0 authentication.
  2. Calling the REST API to get the data.
  3. Data conversion to JSON format and passing it back to Tableau.
  4. Tableau Desktop rendering data in tabular schema.


Tableau WDC - Java

This is a Java app for integrating ​HP TechPulse Analytics Hardware Inventory Details API with Tableau. 


Tableau WDC - Node

Similar to Java, this is a Node app for Tableau integration.

Browse sample connectors to connect to HP TechPulse Analytics Hardware Inventory Details API from Tableau.



Note : The steps to execute the sample apps are available in file in the respective apps.