HP Print Channel launched on IFTTT

HP Fellow Phillip McCoog led creation of an HP Channel on IFTTTOn his blog, HP CTO Shane Wall invited Phillip McCoog to explain the HP Print channel on the web service If This Then That (IFTTT).

Early in 2015, HP and IFTTT collaborated on integrating about 40 million HP cloud-connected printers that were already on the Internet of Things. Now about 150 services can easily and automatically print to those printers. (See the full list of print channels on IFTTT.)

"This channel makes it easy to create solutions that integrate to over 150+ channels including Facebook, Instagram, NY Times, Box, Fitbit, Digg, and many more," McCoog writes. "The solution lets you tag Instagram photos and print them. You can print out news articles from the New York Times that are in the Wine and Dining section. You can print out the most Dugg article of the day. You can print out your weekly Fitbit digest. You can print out your driving log from Automatic. This makes HP printers the first Internet of Things (IoT) home and office printers. Of course, not all those IFTTT recipes are for everyone. That is the beauty of launching a channel on a system like IFTTT - it lets the user integrate and create recipes to meet their needs."

Read McCoog's entire guest post on Shane Wall's blog.

Author : TheSkipper