Immersive SDK

Immersive SDK program for HP Z 3D Camera and Sprout Pro G2 is by invitation only at this time, please contact us for more information,

Sprout Pro G1 SDK



For development of Sprout apps, you can use a Sprout immersive computer. This is the best approach, because you have real hardware and the full Sprout experience. It is also possible to develop Sprout apps on specific dual-display computer configurations.

Note: Many Sprout features can be simulated using a dual-display setup. But not all features are simulated.

The diagrams below show the two supported dual-display hardware configurations:

  • A configuration with two monitors and a PC: This configuration uses two monitors as displays. One or both of the monitors can be touch displays. If there is only one touch display, use it for the mat screen.
  • A configuration with one monitor and a laptop: This configuration uses a touch or non-touch monitor for one display and a laptop for the other display.


Following is the software that is required for developing Sprout apps that use the Sprout Platform and SDK:


Version 10

  • To run your code: Windows 10 or higher are required for running the Sprout platform, the Emulator, and your app production code.
  • To develop your code: You can use the Sprout SDK to develop 64-bit or 32-bit apps on Windows 8.1 or later. However, because of the memory required to capture moments, track objects, and other tasks, we recommend 64-bit apps.


2013 Update 3 or later

  • Supported editions are Express, Community, Ultimate with MSDN, Premium with MSDN, Professional with MSDN, and Professional.

Unity Plugin for Sprout Pro G1


This custom plugin for the Unity IDE extends the powerful capabilities of Unity to let you develop Sprout apps.