Link Platform

The HP JetAdvantage Link Platform

The Link Platform is not actually required to run Link for Web apps, which only require an embedded browser and a set of device web services. However HP recommends enabling the Link Platformfor the reasons described here.

HP signed Web apps (HPK files) can be installed using any compatible installation tool (e.g. HP App Manager, the front panel App Gallery, etc.) on any Link for Web compatible device, even where the Link Platform is unsupported or currently disabled. On devices where the Link Platform is unsupported or currently disabled, the app signature is verified by the installation tool and not by the device.

The Link Platform provides a more secure API to install apps on an HP printer, validating the HPK file signature on the device itself. Therefore HP recommends enabling and using the Link Platform on all capable devices for all app installations. However, when the Link Platform is enabled extra steps must be taken to allow you to install and test your unsigned app using the HPKTool.

This page covers the following topics:

Enabling the Link Platform

The Link platform is not enabled by default. To enable it, follow these steps:

A. Upgrade the device to the latest firmware
B. Enable the Link Platform using the device's EWS as follows:

  1. Sign in
  2. Navigate to the Security Tab
  3. Navigate to the General Security page
  4. Click on the Enable button in the HP JetAdvantage Link section of the page (Note: If you don't see this section on the page, the device does not support the Link Platform.)
  5. Click Restart at the bottom of the displayed page


Enabling the Link Debug Bridge (LDB)

Enabling LDB disables all HPK file signature verifications. Therefore, you need to enable LDB in order to load and test your HPK during development.

To Enable LDB, follow these steps:

A. Create a personal LDB Service Key on the LDB Service Key page
B. Connect your device to a network with internet access
C. If required by your networking environment, use the EWS to configure the device to use your web proxy (See instructions here)
D. LDB can only be enabled from the device's control panel. Enable LDB as follows:

  1. Sign into the device as an administrator
  2. Swipe left until you see the Settings app
  3. Click on the Settings app
  4. Click on Developer Options
  5. Click on Link Debug Bridge
  6. Click on Enable
  7. When prompted, enter your account credentials

​(Note: If the Link platform is not already enabled, it will be automatically enabled when ADB is enabled. If ADB is later disabled, the Link platform will remain enabled.)

Note: As a security measure, the Link Debug Bridge menu cannot be accessed/enabled from within the Embedded Web Server.