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HP Decoration

Produce on demand your custom collections for cars, wallpaper, canvas, window blinds, wrappings of objects, floors and any other decorative element.

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Working together, interior designers and print service providers can use HP WallArt to transform blank walls into dramatic, engaging, or even whimsical spaces for their customers.

You can create apps for specific customers, or create decorations for specific applications.

HP makes this easy for you. You don't have to worry about print-readiness, color issues, or the accuracy of the output. Just focus on the experience and the service you want to provide to become a successful HP partner.


Use HP WallArt Suite in commercial spaces like schools, hotels and restaurants to create emotional responses in your customers.

HP's WallArt Suite is an example of a Large Format app. To learn how customers are growing their businesses using wall art decorations, visit hpwallart.com

Do you have a great idea for a business around decorative Printing?

For more information, go to hp.com/go/latex