Welcome to HP Workstations ML Group

Much has been written about deep learning in the cloud, and many people might believe that the cloud is the best or only place to develop and train a machine learning model. HP believes there is a compelling case for developing and training machine learning models on a workstation, on the edge of the network. To help data scientists and engineers hit the ground running in their quest to develop machine learning models, we have created a developer’s portal that will provide the tools and documentation to enable you to install a high performance, fully tested machine learning environment onto your HP Z workstation.

This site currently offers recipes and scripts to install Caffe or TensorFlow in either a Docker or Anaconda environment. We strongly recommend using one of these environments to isolate your machine learning environment from the rest of your system wide environment.

If you don't find what you are looking for here, please drop us a note. We will be adding new recipes and scripts to support additional hardware and software.


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