Getting Started

Follow the steps below to get started using the Mashup API.

  1. Create an App
    • Navigate to the link in the upper right corner of the page where you see your e-mail
    • Underneath click on the link to "My Apps"
    • In the page that opens, click on "Add a new app"
    • In "App Name", type a name
    • In the list below, select "Mashup"
    • Click on Create. The page will reload and you will see the app in your app list
  2. Get an Access Token
    • Click on the name of your app in the app list
    • Take note of the values in the fields "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret"
    • Click the link "View API Product Documentation"
    • In the page that opens, below the "HP Mashup Token Request" area click on the link "OAuth" to expand it
    • Click on the green button "Post" to expand it
    • Copy into the fields "apiKey" and "apiSecret" the values from "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret", respectively
    • Click on the button "Try it out!" and checkout the results. Take note of the access token returned to use it in the next step
  3. Experiment with the API
    • The API documentation is on the "View API Product Documentation" page and below the "HP Mashup Api" area
    • Click on the "/" endpoint to expand it, then click on the "/ping" button to expand it
    • In the "Authorization" field, replace the "{AccessToken}" by your token requested in step 2, including the curly brackets. Leave the word Bearer untouched
    • Click on the button "Try it out!" and you should see the message "Mu is running" at the Response Body
  4. Tasks Documentation
    • One of the endpoints of the api is the ability to send jobs setting a json string as the request body. The page Tasks Documentation provide information on how to create each task


Checkout below some examples: