Mu 3.0

Mu is an orchestration service for running complex PDF manipulation workflows, as well as synchronous, atomic operations. It supports a large number of PDF and image processing operations, thanks to its integration with the PDFServices/DPub project, as well as the iText and ImageMagick libraries.


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Mu provides a RESTful API that allows users to:

  • perform single stateless calls to several PDF and image operations;
  • specify arbitrarily large workflow graphs for performing document transformations;
  • upload custom-made scripts (using JavaScript) that support access to a comprehensive set of PDF and image processing functions via the Pdf and Image objects.
  • Supported operations for Live Paper Platform





Embedding tinted background watermarks into

PDF files

Asynchronous task execution and callbacks

Embedding images into PDF files

Listing / Extracting images from PDF files

Replacing Images in PDF files