Mobile Print SDK gets award at Mobile Photo Connect

It's hard to wow 'em with print. Ink on paper seems so Olde School. Nevertheless at the third annual Mobile Photo Connect conference in San Francisco, HP's Mobile Print SDK was picked as one of the Top 6 apps. Here is what the judges had to say:

Top 6 at the Mobile Photo Connect conference"For the day’s non-sexy pick, we chose HP’s Mobile Print SDK, which is designed as a platform-agnostic way to print from anywhere with your mobile device. It’s not as easy as one would think — and yes, people do still print from time to time. This SDK lets any app incorporate universal printing capabilities and even lets users save print jobs in a queue for later — all with just 5MB of code."

(Editor's note: The Mobile Print SDK was deprecated in 2017 when the Android Oreo operating system was released with a built-in print service. Now any developer - Android or iOS - can easily add a PRINT button to their app.)

When you bring home the Non-Sexy Award, you know you are going to get teased. Dave Edmondson, who led the effort, held up under the zings that came in with the kudos. He'd like to point out that while it may be "non-sexy," mobile print proved that it is still highly desirable. (Our surveys show that 67 percent of users want to print mobilely, but only 23% can do it.) The Mobile Print SDK makes it easy for developers to print a photo in just 3 click.

Here's a fun Majisto video of Dave & the Mobile Print team going to the conference.


Author : TheSkipper