Help me choose my license type 

When you first register your organization to the Omnicept Developer's Console, you begin your 30 day trial.  During the Trial period, you will not be able to invite other developers to your organization, but you can share your Trial license credentials
When your trial expires, your license type is switched to Core. Your Trial will default to Core credentials when it expires, which can cause your application to error as you will not have access to all SDK features in Core mode. Return to the Developer's Console to upgrade your license type to Developer, Academic, or Enterprise if you want to access premium features like cognitive load or heart rate variability.  Update your application's settings to checkout the correct license type after your Trial expires.
To upgrade your Trial or Core license, you must login to the developer console to select the appropriate license for your organization.   You must specify what license type you are using within your application.   
Academic:  This license is geared for Academia where the final solution will not be resold for profit.  If the solution is profitable, the correct license type is Developer.  Note:  You will need access to the internet for the first time you try to run or develop an Omnicept enabled application.
Developer (AKA Rev Share):  This license is suited for companies and developers who will utilize Omnicept in a solution that may one day be sold.  If the Omnicept product is planned to make profit, it is required that the entity must fill out a release form found on this developer's portal.  The entity is also expected to report profits to the HP Omnicept team on a quarterly basis, if they exceed a certain amount of revenue per quarter.  Read more here.  Note:  You will need access to the internet for the first time you try to run or develop an Omnicept enabled application.
Enterprise:  This license is suited for companies who are creating Omnicept enabled solutions and using them internally, with no plans to sell this solution.  In this license type, the company must purchase developer and runtime licenses.  Each developer license comes with 5 runtimes intended for test machines.   Purchasing developer and runtime licenses happens on the Developer's Console.   These purchased licenses will be installed on an internal license server and be checked out amongst developers and end users.  Read more here. Note:  You will need access to the internet to reach the Omnicept license server to download your license, but will not need access afterwards.
Core:  This license type is for any entity that does not want access to the inference engine or other licensed features described in the chart below.  This gives the user access to raw sensor data that is not processed by HP Omnicept inferences.  This license type is appropriate if you are only using Omnicept for eye tracking and/or foveated rendering.  Note:  You do not need access to the internet for Core license.

Full Omnicept SDK supported in: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Portugal, Ireland and Australia

    Trial *      Core      Academic **  Developer   Enterprise 
    30 Day Trial  Access to raw sensor APIs  Full Omnicept SDK for  students Full Omnicept SDK for solutions that may be resold Full Omnicept SDK to be used within your business (not resold)
Eye Gaze (including Foveated Rendering)
Heart Rate (HR) 

Pulse Rate Variabilty 

Inference Engines (Cognitive Load and all future updates)  



Hp Reverb G2 Omnicept Simulator
HP VR Spatial Audio  
Support (currently only supporting in English)
Developer Support Online self help Online self help Online self help Online self help + Premium Support Online self help + Premium Support *
  30 Days Free Free** Revenue Share See pricing options in cart
Internet access required Always None

On the first connection

On the first connection Internal license server setup via FlexLM

* Service pack is included in first year, subsequent years must be purchased

** Academic: Only available for academic purposes.