Releasing your Omnicept Enabled Software

Start your 30-day trial today!

If you're using Omnicept to create an application that you plan to monetize, we are excited for you!   When your trial expires, you should select Developer as your license type.   Please review your end license agreement on the developer's console for this revenue share model.


Releasing Software

When you are ready to release your product, we ask that you fill out the Release Form

The form takes 2-4 weeks to process.  When the release form is processed by HP, you will be send your company's customer identification number.  Your Customer Identification Number will also be listed on the Developer's Console for safe keeping.  You will use your CIN submit your Royalty Forms.  


Revenue tracking and royalty invoicing

Once you've begun collecting money for your product, you'll need to track gross revenue and pay a 2% royalty in calendar quarters where your profits equal or exceed $25000.  We will send you friendly reminders to submit your reports once your product has released.

To report your earnings, complete and submit the Royalty Form on a quarterly basis.  You will need your CIN to submit this form, you can find this on the Developer's Console.