Generating PDFs from HTML for non-web content

Another Will Hertling code tutorial for print: 

Generating PDFs from HTML for non-web applications.

This tutorial explores the world of page layout using HTML and CSS to design printed pages. In this tutorial, the goal is not merely a nice-printing web page, but a specific piece of printable content, such as a brochure or book, in which HTML+CSS is used to replace a manual layout process using InDesign. The example follows the layout of a novel using HTML and CSS, but illustrates many print design principles.

This tutorial is good for:

  • Designers who would like an automated way to generate PDFs for printable content, such as newsletters, brochures, product literature, etc.
  • Creating mashed-up printable content, such as a print-on-demand textbook that consists of assembled chapters from multiple sources.
  • Book design for self-published authors or traditional publishers who are looking to automate their publishing workflow.

By the way, Will is a sci-fi writer. The example below is from his book Avogadro Corp.


Even a simple book has a lot of formatting


Will H. would like to know how this tutorial helps you. Follow him on Twitter: @hertling.

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