Google I/O: Why mobile printing?

At Google I/O 2016, Svetoslav Ganov and Philip P. Moltmann, members of the Android Framework team, explained why printing makes sense for mobile apps. In a presentation titled Printing from Your App – From Pixels to Paper, Ganov opened by addressing skeptics.

You’re probably asking yourself why printing matters in mobile? How is it important? People are using everything in the cloud. You don’t need to use physical paper. It’s outdated technology.

Well, it turns out that the main reason you want to add printing to your application is because your users want it. There are some studies that show that 95% of consumers and 67% of corporate users want to be able to print from mobile applications. That is a pretty strong signal that printing is useful, even from mobile devices.

In this YouTube video of the session, Ganov explains the Android print architecture and how to code for printing.

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Author : TheSkipper