Kai Turner of MOO sees the future of paper in the Internet of Things

By Warren Volkmann, Editor
HP Developers' Portal

At the paper-loving design company MOO, Senior Product Manager Kai Turner, sees a bright and promising future for paper.

In a MOO blog post last fall, Kai wrote:

People have long predicted the death of business cards, or the death of print as we increasingly use online and mobile services – but they’re wrong.  Business cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards – the industry continues to show growth.  The reason is simple– our brains aren’t digital.  We like to pick things up and put them somewhere so we can remember them for later.  We don’t remember the URL of a product page on an commerce site, but we do remember that t-shirt we saw and liked when we went down the street for lunch.  We’re tactile creatures, and you can’t change how we’re wired.

Then Kai took the same quantum leap that HP printer divisions have made. He connects paper to the emerging Internet of Things. (Every printer that HP ships has an Internet connection.)

"MOO is uniquely positioned to bring the Internet of Things to the general public in our pursuite of the future of paper. I'm excited to explore the physical-to-digital space, create new product categories, and meet lots of innovators, makers and like-minds along the way!"

Well said Kai! It's good to discover an ally touting paper on the Internet of Things. We invite you and your MOO colleagues to join the like-minded Print Fundamentals community here on the HP Developer Portal. We are just getting started, so we welcome all your thoughts and musings about paper and the IoT.

Read Kai's complete blog post: Physical to Digital: The Future of Paper (Sept. 16, 2015) 

And if you are still sceptical about how paper can connect to the Internet of Things, check out what MOO is doing with "Paper+". It will make a believer out of you.


Author : TheSkipper