Public Radio considers "The Future of Paper"

NPR: Don’t write off paper just yet

Eric Weiner, NPR Correspondent, on Twitter @eric_weinerFuturists have been forecasting an end to paper for decades. With each new advance in computer technology, digital displays are displacing books, magazines, newspaper, and mass publishing in general. Yet paper and printing has endured. To illustrate that paper is “not dead yet,” your humble Blog Skipper turned to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and the classic “I’m not dead yet” scene. (See my post below.)

It turns out I wasn’t the only writer making that connection. Eric Weiner of National Public Radio also invoked the British comic classic in his report on the “Future of Paper. In fact, Weiner chose exactly the same scene to illustrate his point that paper is not dead yet. The printing industry is certainly changing, sometimes dramatically, but the future of paper seems assured, Weiner reports. Here at, we are working to not only preserve paper as an option for printing, but also to share new ways to translate digital information into physical objects that make a difference.

Here is the link to Weiner’s Pythonesque podcast. (Listen to it to get the full Monty.)

Don’t write off paper just yet

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